Sunday, July 23, 2017

Breakfast for dinner

Breakfast for dinner is a real hit in our family. Because it is much a short order type meal ( where everything gets cooked  at the same time, everyone pitches in. Granddaughter is really good at buttering English muffins or setting tables.  

It isn't always the cheapest menu on the week's menus , it depend on what you choose for protein.  

  • Bacon, pumpkin pancakes, real maple syrup , blueberries 
  • Quiche with sausage and cheese 
  • Eggs,  fruit, English muffins 
  • Waffles , eggs, fruit 
  • Breakfast burrito 
  • Vegetable omelets 
  • Eggs, toast, yogurt parfaits ( yogurt, berries, granola layered, )
  • Sausage and apple puff pancake 
  • Ham and feta omelette 
  • Veggie strata 
  • French toast, bacon or sausage, or ham, fruit 
  • Oatmeal pancakes, fruit 

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