Thursday, July 6, 2017

Costco haul for the month.

Hopefully the last Costco run for the month for food.   Gas is  sooo much cheaper that it pays for the membership.  

25 lbs flour.  6.29
Bananas 1.39
Sour cream 3.99
4 lbs butter 10.99 2.75 lb 
Mozzarella -5 lbs 10.99 - 2.20 lb 
3 lbs tortilla chips 3.59
Blueberries 6.99

Total 44.23
Most of this was bulk that can be split over two weeks to three months.   

Twenty loaves of bread at 3.00  per loaf would be 60.00. 
A sack of flour costs 6.39 
Difference is 53.60

Yeast and salt when bought in bulk are mere pennies.    
The savings on  bread alone would feed us for over a week.   

Hands on time for a loaf of bread is about ten minutes.    

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