Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sausage - two ways

Yesterday , i purchased two chubs of sausage for 5 dollars.   I froze one. And the other one I fried and de-fatted.  

I used 3/4 of the pound in a 'quiche" (impossible pie ). Impossible pie is easy, quick, and almost all protein and dairy.   Very little carbs per serving.   1/8 of a cup of flour base. Not really low fat , however.   Balance the fat with a no fat vegetable bean soup for another meal.   Its all about balances.

Today we are taking the rest of the sausage and making a pizza.  Mozzarella cheese is made with part skim milk.   That lowers the fat and a quarter pound spread between four servings is reducing the amount of meat without sacrificing then protein grams.  

Scratch pizza is a very low cost meal as well as the quiche.   Both are well below the five dollar threshold.   A cheese pizza is a buck and one cent.  My sister made me price the olive cost four cents, thus the penny.    I refuse to price salt.   I got five pounds for four dollarsnten years ago.  Three generations later we will still probably have salt left.   LOL.  

Add 62 cents for sausage to the 1.01 cheese pizza and you have 1.63.   Salad is a dollar at Safeways this week.  

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