Monday, July 3, 2017

Why bother with coupons on a meager budget?

I have heard it all......every excuse in the book........I don't have time, it's a waste of time, I'm too busy, why bother it's just for junk food anyway,    If you don't want to clip coupons or bother, that's totally up to you.   I'm just showing a case senecio of what could happen .

Saegento cheese slices.    Retail 3.50 a package - 8 ounces, (1-2 lb) that's 7.00 a pound,   I would never pay that .   Presliced cheese melts better and is more uniform in size.    It's got a better bite.    But, I don't want to pay more than 2.35 or so for a pound ofmcheese,  I will splurge a little, but not a lot.

Retail 3.50

Sale price 2.50
Less .55 coupon
Less .50 Ibotta

That's almost 60 percent off.  Or, you can easily get a full pound for the price of a 1/2 pound,   You can eat several meals instead of one.

It is never cheap to order your food on line and have it delivered.   If you are sick and homeboimd it is a great service. But, it comes at a price.   There is a delivery charge, a tip, and the prices are higher and they don't  take coupons.

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