Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday : meal plans

Meal plans based on fruits and veggies in season and a inventory of what's in the pantry and  freezer,   We often purchase  in a small bulk buy, things that are nearing their pull date.   Often , depending on the product, they will be good for months to come.  Still, using them in or beforemthe pull date makes sense.   Case in point, I bought 11 packages of mashed sweet potatoes.   They were .33 instead of 1.25 each.  We have until mid September to use them up.    I plan to have pork chops ormxhixken and sweet potatoes once a week through the summer.    Buying not yet expired foods that are not typical of the season is a way to cut your food bill dramatically,   The food is as good as any other food, it's just not eaten in a traditional way,   I also got a desert mix that has a chocolate Oreo type crust and a peppermint filling-- no doubt for Christmas -- it cost.....wait for it........50.    The Oreo cookies would cost that much.  

Meal plans.   I'm going to be taking you through my mindset, nitmbecaise anyine has to follow me. But, rather, to let you see how I reach my decisions.  

I got country ribs for 1/2 price yesterday.    I will divide the mega pack in three that will allow us three big ribs for two of us.   I doubt that granddaughter will like them.  I will give her a taste of mine so she experiences the taste.   Introducing taste is a way to let children become accustomed to different tastes.    

Our matrix for meals is  1 fish or seafood,  1 beef,  3 chicken or pork,and 2 vegetarian 

  • Spareribs , roasted potatoes and carrots.  
  • Pizza ( homemade crust ) 
  • Breakfast 4 dinner - pumpkin pancakes, bacon, fruit ( the last of the pumpkin bread mix ) 
  • Salmon, Sweet potatoes, broccoli ( mashed sweet potatoes and broccoli got for .78) use 1/2 
  • Tacos. Spanish rice
  • Chicken pot pie ( biscuits were on sale for a dollar. ) - peppermint desert 
  • Pork chops. Oven roasted veggies ( I have large radishs from last week and just bought a bag of potatoes). 

Using the insta pot, none of these meals will take more than 15-20 hands on time to prepare.   

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