Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday : kitchen management

Kitchen management is a tool to use once a week ; the results are efficient cooking and a less hectic dinner hour.

A few hour set aside will save many hours later.   It is more efficient prep for dinners.

Based on this week's meal plans. :
Hamburgers, oven fries , fruit
Pork chops, sweet potatoes
Speghetti with meat sauce, bread, salad
Tuna cassarole , peas and carrots
Tacos, Spanish rice
Breakfast for dinner.

  1. Wash potatoes and fruit 
  2. Mark pork chops to be thawed.  
  3. Make bread dough 
  4. Clean fridge 
  5. Take inventory based on your list 
  6. Wash floor 
  7. Clean counters, sinks and disinfect drains. 
  8. Straighten pantry 
  9. Clean oven 

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