Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fred Meyers for Sunday

Sunday ad
3 day sale SMT

Sirloin steak 2.97 -
Nathan's hot dogs 2/5
Dreyers 2/5

Broccoli .99
Blackberries 2/5 - QFC 1.88
Strawberries 4/5
Milk 1.79 gal
Corn 3/2

Split chicken breast .87. Foster Farms Fresh


Ground beef - 20 percent fat...3.49...... this would be a good time to buy the sirloin steak instead and grind your own,    2.97 vs 3.49  and you will have less fat if you pick your steak.    Traditionally , sirloin  has less fat.    Use a food  processor, a grinding attachment in the kitchenaid, or you grandmothers old fashioned meat grinder.   Grannies meat grinders can be had at  estate sales, or antique stores for a few dollars.    I can remember my aunt grinding a few pieces of leftover roast and adding mayo and pickle for a sandwich spread.  

The rotation meat would be by far the chicken  breast.  Breakfast Knesset, skinkess chicken  breast at QFC is 8.00 a pound,    That's over a  ninety percent  savings.

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