Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday meal plans

  1. just a note:  Sunday meal plans will continue to be on this blog.  They will also be on my new blog "Dinner:  Better, Cheaper,Fasster.    The second bog will have content that is strictly related to recipes.   Recipes that are adapted to be cooked in the insta pot and recipes that have been family favorites , but they are adapted to be a bit more healthy .   Less saturated fat, salt, sugar, preservatives, hydroginated oil, transfats, and hfcs and still with less money and efficient cooking.   

Meal plans : 1 beef, 1 fish or seafood, 2 vegeartian, 3 Pork or chicken,

  • Pizza 
  • Breakafast for dinner 
  • Ham corn chowder , loaded cornbread 
  • Nachos loaded 
  • Salmon patties, oven fried potatoes, fruit 
  • Chicken burrito bowl 
  • Chicken nuggets, oven fried french fries, veggie sticks 
Notes : 
Pizza is scratch.   Cost is a little more than a dollar for a 14 inch pizza.   
The last of the pumpkin pancakes, maple syrup, fruit cup, eggs 
Ham corn chowder adapted for the insta pot 
Nachos:  taco meat, tomatoes, black olives,  green chillis , cheese, chips from Costco . 
( 3 lbs for 3 dollars and change and they dont shout grease!)
Salmon patties can be made from a can of salmon or purchased from winco quite inexpensively.   
Cut potatoes in wedges an toss in olive oil and sea salt or garlic pepper.   
Chicken burrito bowl is on the dinner site.   Delish.   
Chicken nuggets are homemade, along with the fries.  New topping will appear on dinners sometime this week.  

Spending more time planning a. Shopping trip and planning your meals and less time in the kitchen is a way to eat well and cut food costs.   

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