Tuesday, July 4, 2017

TUESDAY notes - two easy concepts.

I was thinking the other day.......scary concept in  itself. Lol.  There are really two major concepts that can cut your food bill drastically just by implementing a few changes.  Now, I realize that change is never really easy, but often the rewards are two fold.  LOL 😂

Number one

The average cart consists of 1/2 drinks and snacks,    Fruit juice, pop or soda , and a dozen packages, especially individual  packages of  cookies or chips  are not good for you or your budget.  Save the chips and cookies for special  occasions.  Fruit juice can have as much or more sugar in it than pop.    The bubbles in pop are expected to leach the calcium from your body at certain ages.    And, we all know that fake  sugar is not good for us as well as sugar.  I read where fake sugar is simethingnyour body doesn't know what to do with , so it sticks to the  fat cells and makes them larger,      Too much meat, sugar, or alcohol  are killers of the kidneys.    Stick to coffee, tea and water and some milk.   It is, no longer recommended that you drink three glasses of milk a day.    Check the RDA on milk per age group.     A nutritionist  told me years ago that giving my daughter an apple  was better than giving her natural apple juice.    Popcorn air popped is 12.00  for a humongous canister at Costco.    I save the canisters to store my beans etc in the pantry shelf.  It makes for a more uniform look in the pantry.

Number two

If you are going to one store and buying just what you need for one week, the budget odds are against you.  It's rigged, the same as winning at the casino.    Did you ever notice that if hotdogs  are on sale, the buns  aren't.    If pasta sauce is on sale, the pasta isn't!     No one store has all the bargains.    Shopping the TRUE sales and working your meal plan to compensate is a real budget stretcher.  Buying the best of two stores and buying more than one of anything that is on a real sale and is a commodity that you eat on a regular basis is also a real money stretcher,   Why buy 1 can of green beans at .33 instead of .68 and then buy the next can next week for .68.  That makes no sense.
you are buying  the same food, you just buy six green beans this week, and maybe four frozen broccoli next week.  The end result is the same in quality and kinds of foods, the budget result is remarkable.  

We are eating at 40 percent of the USDA stats for thrifty people.   We eat good food.   We eat fresh fruits and vegetables.   We eat meat, and fish, and chicken.   And rice, beans, pasta, and potatoes, the same as many other families.   We watch salt, sugar, trans fats, hydrogenated oil, and HFCS and buy highest quality I can afford.    We just don't pay 💰 full price for our food.

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