Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fred Meyers ad

Not here yet, but I heard a outstanding story on a grocery haul I would like to share.   The gentleman shopped at the whole paycheck store.   He had a thirty dollar grocery haul.   To put things in perspective, our grocery bill for the last three months averaged under 55.00. .

He had a sparse haul, maybe seven items for thirty dollars.   His remark was that things were displayed nice.    Hey, you cant eat displayed nice.!  When you leave the store, the memory is long gone and its not in your tummy.    Just a reality check!  LOL.

4 day sale SMTW

No bargains

Regular:  not much there, all back to school

Grapes .99
Milk 1.79
Leg cottage cheese /sour cream 1.79
Hillshire farm lunch meat 2/6
Frozen potatoes 1.79 2 lbs
Pie 3.49

Foster Farms split chicken breast 1.49

Red onions .99

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