Monday, July 17, 2017

Grocery haul 7/16/17

I did the kitchen management today so we could work in the yard later.    Went shopping after we cleaned out the fridge.
Fortunately, we threw very little out.   
A 48 cent cucumber did not get eaten.   

Fred meyers:   Not everything on my list was a good price at Freddies.    There were no bags of real carrots.   The trick is to get the best of to stores.    

Fred Meyers
2 dozen eggs. .89
Cottage cheese 1.25 
Apples 2.80
Tomatoes 1.43

Total 7.25


Pizza snacks 2.18
2 lbs FRIES. .....99
Milk 2.28
Grape tomatoes 1.78
Mild green chilies 66
Carrots 2.28 - five pounds 
Celery 2 heads 1.96
Lettuce .98
Watermelon 3.97

Total 19.42

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