Monday, July 31, 2017

Kitchen management

Yeserday ,I wrote out five weeks of meal plans.  I hope to go that long without a major grocery haul--basically just perishables.  

Kitchen management is a tool to make your life easier at dinner time.    Setting aside an hour or so during the week to prep your meals saves a lot of time during the hectic meal time.    Its a good way to stave off the take out gremlins because when you are tired, dinner is less of a chore.  

Meal Plans revised

Hot dogs with buns , potato salad, veggie sticks
Chicken nuggets, corn on the cob, fruit
Chicken parm sliders. Spinach salad
Tuna potato salad, cheese biscuits
Breakfast for dinner

1). Wash potatoes and vegetables with vinegar water. 
2) clean refrigerator and note anything that needs to be used up. 
3) put the stove fan vent  screen in the dishwasher.  
4) disinfect the sinks and counter top.   
5)check recipe for choice parm sliders 
6) prepare the coating mix for the chicken nuggets
7) make cream soup base or rice mix if needed 
8)  make lettuce salad 🥗, store in bag with paper towel 
9) straighten pantry.
10) Wash kitchen floor 

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