Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fred Meyers haul

quick haul from fred meyers

1 pkg chicken for 7.50 for five pounds.   That's 1.50 a pound.  Boneless, skinless chicken breasts at fred meyers was 4.50 a pound.   It took me 2 minutes per breast to de bone it.   I have the six quart insta pot on slow cook cooking stock and meat.  

At 8 minute to de bone the chicken, and a savings of 3.00 a pound I virtually made 112.80 an hour.  
And, we get 6 quarts of stock at 2.79 for a quart.   2.79 X 6 is 16.74.  

So for 7.50 I got

4 very large chicken breasts
6 quarts of stock for a retail of 16.74.
And chicken pieces.  

For a total manual outlay of 8 mnutes.  

We also got a large package of English muffins ( equivalent of two packages for 1.67
A gallon of milk for 1.79

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