Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday kitchen management - July 10, 17

Kitchen management is when you take a block of time once a week and clean and prep for the week's meals.   This hour to two hours saves a lot of time during the hectic dinner hour.  

Start with your meal plans,   Make notes on them the night before you need to defrost meat,  

Recap :

Spareribs, roasted veggies
Salmon ( cook from frozen )
Tacos l Spanish rice
Chicken pot pie
Pork chops, oven roasted root veggies
Breakfast 4 dinner

  •  Straighten pantry 
  • Sweep and wash floor 
  • Make something sweet - muffins and/or peppermint pie.   
  • Clean fridge 
  • Wash veggies to be ised this week with vinegar and water
  • Defrost spareribs for tomorrow 
  • Cook chicken for pot pie tonight 
  • Clean counter under coffee station
  • Post Winco haul and check ibotta .   

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