Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Meal Plan for next week

Using the stock you have on hand is an easy way to meal plan.   Also, incorporating what's on sale any particular week helps too.  

Sausage and bean soup, bread or biscuits
Chicken nuggets, oven fries (homemade ) veggie sticks
Chicken parm sliders , salad, ( make slider buns)
Tuna surprise
Breakfast for dinner

Notes: my grocery expenditures have maintained at less tha 55.00 a week for three of us and we have continued to build a stock.  I made a concentrataed effort this month to replentish any basic necessities that were running dry.   My goal is to go on a no spend August.   No spend means we will buy perishables .    Anything that is end of the season cheap,I might buy in bulk an dehydrate.  

  1. We purachased sausage a 2.50 on sale last week and still have a bag from a bulk purchase in the freezer.  
  2. Pizza is a no brainer.   Everyone eats it and its cheap and an easy way to use leftovers.  
  3. Nachos for movie night.   
  4. Chicken nuggets scratch.   Use parm, ritz crackers, and walnuts.   Walnuts are cheap at winco and they are already chopped.   
  5. Chicken parm sliders need slider buns.  A new adventure to made scratch buns. 
  6. Tuna surprise is a recipe I just found.   Let me know if you want it shared.  
  7. Breakfast for dinner is another no brainer an usually a Sunday night affair with the entire family participating in the cooking.   

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