Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday bullets : small kitchen tools that save time and/or money

Ten kitchen tools that save time /money that are cheap.

  1. Rubber spatula , get the last bit of product out of a bowl or jar.   Betty Crocker ones are at the DT, buy the best you can afford.   
  2. A potato masher,    Besides mashing potatoes, you can break up hamburger while frying it.  There is a special tool for that, it was over 20.00.    
  3. Jar opener,   I have one from the 1920s that is the best, but there are good ones on the current market too,    
  4. A food thermometer,     Test bread water, the doneness of meat, and baked products (200 degrees) 
  5. A food scale ,   Break down packages like for pasta.   It you cook the whole package and you don't have a large family, the leftovers will go into the fridge and get shoved to the back until it has hair prettier than yours in a typical family.    Portioning out a box of pasta saves a lot of waste.    Saving the landfill also saves money,    
  6. Portion scoops.   Very inexpensive at Costco business, a restraint supply or on Amazon.    Great for making meatballs or cookies uniform size so they all cook at the same time,   Great portion control.    Filling cupcakes or muffin liners.   
  7. Cupcake lines in silicone , They wash and you aren't replacing them over and over. I paid five dollars.    
  8. A non metal wisk.  Saves scratches on pans and bowls.    
  9. Silicone bowl covers save money not buying all that plastic wrap.  
  10. Parchment paper is cheapest at DT especially for smaller jobs.    

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